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Carey Company are Nantucket builders dedicated to building beautiful custom homes on Nantucket for over 15 years. Over the years we have established many long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing leadership, guidance, and support ensuring satisfaction throughout the entire Nantucket home-building process. We enjoy being part of a team and we will facilitate the merger between the client, architect, landscape designer, and interior designer to create stunning spaces that inspire. The Carey Company and our skilled team of craftsmen truly take great pride in the beautiful Nantucket homes we help create and our clients have come to expect.

What We Do Best
Carey Company has grown through the years by producing consistent quality and workmanship on a timely basis. Our philosophy is not to take on too many projects concurrently, we focus on a couple of projects each year. This allows us to build Nantucket houses in half the time and execute our project with precision. Our team works daily with clients and vendors to make sure materials and schedules are on time.

In recent years there have been many changes in products and selections and we strive to enhance our client’s awareness of special products and materials. We encourage clients to get involved and send us pictures, samples, or just ideas from their travels for us to research and possibly incorporate into their new Nantucket home. These nuances make many years of happy living. We encourage you to take a look at our offerings and reach out to begin the process of creating your dream home on Nantucket today.

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